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Software development is a natural part of our business.

We always try to keep up with new environments while maintaining contact with older environments.

Import and convert tools
Almost all SCADA systems provide some method to import the tags. This type of software saves enormous amounts of engineering time by simply automating the tag generator. The software usually uses the PLC program itself, or some form of lists from the programming tool (mailing lists, etc).

Export tools
This type of software are used to extract data from SCADA systems and present reports, statistics, etc. HTML Objects and Java Applets to present live data from DDE or OPC. Although alarm lists can be presented in the browser.

This is the interface model used for nearly every object in Windows, such as ActiveX, ATL COM Objects, In-process DLLs, Out-Of-Process EXEs etc. This is the interface model that OPC (OLE for Process Control) is based on.

Alarm Applications
We have developed several applications that handle emergency incidents in one way or another. It can be simple interface programs, or more complete alarm servers such as Nimbus Alarm Server.

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Reference objects

Exempels of clients which uses our device drivers

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