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Hardware development is a necessary part of our business.

Many PLCs, especially older models, need some form of signal transducers

Signal converters
We have developed signal converters that is tied to specific systems, such as built-in RS232/485 converter, terminating cards, pulse shaper etc. In our minimum hardware products are PDL Pulse Adder, which samples the pulses and sum them from one or more inputs, and delivers these pulses of an opto-isolated output with 10 ms square wave. This is useful when the PLC can not sample shorter intervals, or where multiple sensors are involved (such as two flow meters for different areas).

Valve Control
We have developed a valve control equipment focused on Danfoss hydraulic pressure reducing valves.

Microprocessor/DIN rail-mounted equipment
Most of the solutions is small, MPU-based and encapsulated for DIN rail mounting. As the processor uses PIC or Atmel MPU.

Linux Platform
We have also been involved in the Linux Platform-based project combining full Linux and uClinux (coldfire), specific adaptation to peripheral equipment (bus type M-bus and RS-485).

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