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This is our main job!
'Driver' in our world is a software program that acts an interface between SCADA systems and physically connected devices. We develop while also "device drivers" for Windows, but it is not a main occupation.

Citect Drivers
These drivers are developed in cooperation with CiT representatives here in Sweden, Beijer Electronics: All Citect drivers are written in C/C++ and CiT Driver Development Kit in accordance with its guidelines. These drivers are tied to Citect to provide the best performance, and is therefore implemented as a DLL. The most common communication methods are RS-232 and TCP-IP.

DDE I/O Servers
These drivers are developed in C/C++ with Wonderware DDE Server Toolkit, which guarantees a stable and guaranteed DDE compliant interface.

OPC Servers
These drivers are developed. NET OPC Labs Toolkit, which guarantees a stable and guaranteed OPC compliant interface.

Interface Software
This is software that contains more than one driver. It can for instance be software with ASN. 1 and TCP / IP protocol, or simply an alarm software based on a customer specific serial interface, aso.

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Reference objects

Exempels of clients which uses our device drivers

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