Upgrading from Nimbus Alarm Server release 1.xx.xx to Nimbus Alarm Server release 2.xx.xx


Installation of new version

The installation program will by default recommend the same installation folder as the old version. Altough both versions may coexist in the same folder, we do not recommend this. Install the new version in another folder, i.e. ..\Nimbus Alarm Server 2.

Moving old users, receivers, profiles and other settings.

If you are installing Nimbus Alarm Server 2.00.01 or later, both the new and the old version may be active at the same time.

Start both Nimbus Administrator and Nimbus Explorer and do setup of the new system by manually entering the old data.

There is no way for version 2.xx.xx release to read the old settings!

Upgrading the license.

Contact the program supplier for information about the upgrade fee.

Select Setup Server Setup Select the Scan for licensing opportunities. Copy the license information by selecting the text and enter Ctrl-C, send it by e-mail to the program supplier. You will then get either a new registration key or an upgrade code.

Removing the old version

If the old version was run as a service, first uninstall it from the SCM using the command

NimServ.EXE /u

Uninstall the old version using the Add/Remove program facility in the control panel.


Release notes


Version 2.00.01, March 11, 2005

The Nimbus2.DLL file was updated to allow release 1 and release 2 to coexist.

Version 2.00.02, March 22, 2005

Problem upgrading dongle from release 1.xx.xx to release 2.xx.xx fixed.
Calendar routing during afternoons fixup.
Minor user interface updates.

Version 2.00.03, March 23, 2005

Problem using Citect licensing fixed.

Version 2.00.04, April 5, 2005

Numeric categories was not properly routed when set to anything else than *

Version 2.00.05, April 13, 2005

Receiver type setup jam in Nimbus Explorer fixed.
Updated Visonik Import (double rows using TAB)
ABB picture
Problem using ILM (Nimbus Alarm Receiver) fixed
TimeStampPrefix added for NAS receivers
Err handling proc fixup.

Version 2.00.06, April 21, 2005

StartupBlockTime and SoftOnHook implemented.

Version 2.00.07, May 2, 2005

AbortSendingOnInActive implemented
Fixed problem if InActive arrived and AbortSendingOnAck was True (following events was removed from the queue).

Version 2.00.08, May 18, 2005

CategoryToSendFirst implemented
Behaviour of Import_Desigo.IMP changed (new Desigo version).

Version 2.00.09, June 28, 2005

FileAutoFormat defaults to 0.
Fax date/time was not properly created.
Import_Desigo.IMP was updated.

Version 2.00.10, September 6, 2005

Added WinFlex
Changed GoogolT1 behaviour
SIM-delete functions updates (alarm confirmation).
Formatting is not forcing uppercase.
Template phone number for Generic updated.
Setup tool changed to be more compatible with specific Windows XP installations.

Version 2.00.11, October 13, 2005

ABB MasterPiece implemented.
Unlicensed SCADA imported will put up a message box.
SendAllAlarmsAsActive for SOS Access implemented
SendGenericXML (SMS, MiniCall Text/Numerik) implemented.
WinFlex behaviour updated.
Fax lockup problem (several events in same transmission) fixed.

Version 2.00.12, November 3, 2005

Cerberus CSDL implemented.
ListFormat implemented.
Generic TCP accepts new receivers of any receiver type
Trend 9xx import behaviour updated (accept comma in category field).
Beijer SMTP included when a Citect license is available.

Version 2.00.13, November 30, 2005

Trend import multiple row import functions updated.
TrayDebug (internal function) implemented.
Date and time was wrong when using alarm debug functions with DLL calls.
Changed blocking behaviour (immediately writes to INI-file) for CiCode redundancy improvment.
Added DialUp receiver type.
JCI Supervision import implemented.
Case insensitive receiver name compare (when using Generic TCP or DLL call).
SOSAB XML added.
Sorting of profiles by name is made at load time, which enable at some kind of control for sending order (multiple matching profiles).

Version 2.00.14, April 10, 2006

Visonik import ex. ?F etc could cause immediately following alarms to be lost (arriving within same scan period).
?F etc Visonik alarms had priority = 3, not 0.
CategoryToSendFirst could cause GPF if (when many alarms arrived)
Updated SOSAB XML (only 0077.OCV) to use ISO-Latin1
Flush Command Queue was looking at data in the queue instead of discarding it
m_ParallellReceivers in StopWaitingEvents caused bad log message when acking waiting alarm events
CutFrom and CutUntil also allows adjustment of position
Block time periods may be wrong (internally increased) when server was restarted
Added WatchDogTagName parameter.
WatchDog timeout did not work properly.
Does not flush buffer when waiting for 'A' or 'N' for GoogolT1 messages
IgnoreLengthCheck added for GoogolT1 receiver types
Added Bastec
AbortAllUsingCTSAtPort added.
Problem using MetaLink DDE fixed.
Added SpecificPortForSMTP parameters.
INU Import did not parse last row in some cases
MiniCall Numeric UCP did not cut out all chars if alphanumeric was sent
Added receivertype 0079 (MiniCall text UCP without code)
Phase2Ack implemented.
Falcom Tango added (0080).
Trend file import added.
Beijer body scan (ParseBodyField) implemented
Visonik WatchDogType=0 did not work properly
Support for multiple TAC Vista files
Filename to Area field (if desired) using Import_Vista.imp.
MatchString behaviour updated
Replace "-" and "_" with " " for any Generic XML
Numeric scan of category for Exo4 changed to alphanumeric
Bastec implemented
Trend 96x Supervisor (file) implemented
Close 'Save?' question implemented

Version 2.00.15, May 3, 2006

Visonik import ex. ?F etc could cause immediately following alarms to be lost (arriving within same scan period).
ReceiverType in Generic TCP without real receivername problem fixed, \r\n in T4 for Generic TCP (status 0..2) added
ScanRemoteUpdate was implemented for release 2
REC READ also used for deletion of SIM-locations
ISOtoDOS and ISOto7BitASCII for SOSAB (X.25/X.28)
SenderName in ReceiverType_0021 (SMTP) implemented
Set text mode (AT+CMGF=1) when getting new message in confirm proc (SetTextModeAtReceive)


Version 2.00.16, September 4, 2006

Replace of single LF's in subject field for SMTP SCADA import (Fidelix problem)
BlockTimeExpire 4 bytes hour decode problem fixed, could cause increased time delay before blocking was released
SendFax retry bug causing crash was fixed
LogEvent Event messages corrected
Event Log receiver type added
novaPro Enterprise SCADA added, npOpen date format 2 adjusted
Not updating PC Date/time for Generic SMTP problem SCADA import fixed
MultiUCP problem fixup (also removed from receiver type list)
Telia UCP removed from receiver type list (modem pool shut down)
Some minor updates in receiver add/remove behaviour (cosmetics)

Version 2.00.17, December 7, 2006


Not updating PC Date/time for Generic SMTP problem fixed, MultiUCP problem fixup (also removed)
novaPro Provi+ ME (measurement) added
ReturnTagToGenericTCPWhenConfirmed implemented
Import_IMSE added
MatchOriginatorToReceiver implemented
SMTP send MessageIdFormat and SubjectIsISO8859 implemented
SOSAB XML AlarmId format rules implemented
Added IgnoreStartCharacter and IgnoreCMGF parameters
CloseListenSMPTSocketAtAccept implemented
Fix32.imp file updated (NodeLeftBracket/NodeRightBracket)
Added DatePos for Fix32.imp
SOAPAction removed and Header/Protocol implemented for XML/HTTP Posts
npOpen updates, correct time was not set when an Inactive event arrived
New format for Fidelix version 8.62 SMTP updated (previous states also in the message)
Common constants moved to new source
Removing and adding profiles could cause profiles to dissapear bug fixed
Debug windows LabelEdit set to Manual

Version 2.00.18, May 19, 2008


Nimbus Server updates:

TimeZoneDiff update for SMTP
WaitBeforeClose in SendSerial implemented to prevent serial data loss
Registrationcode when using novaPro Enterprise did not work properly
Algorex implemented
Min ScanTime 5000 -> 2000 ms
View originator (if SMS) in syslog when confirmation is received
SOSAccess via XML behaviour changed (no HTTP post)
DOSAscii2ISOLatin1 for INU implemented
ISO8859toISOLatin1 behaviour updated (?= Beijer problem)
EY2400 import file implemented
Libertel (PC-Text) 0030 removed
Added KPN-Netherlands,
Added ERMES UCP (Netherlands)
AckInScadaFormat implemented
Visonik server info was not properly cut
SMTP send using non-english OS caused May and October to be interpreted as January
INU I30, Swegon Gold added
SMTPBind parameter added
Citect device file scanning behaviour updated
[SMS]IA5toISOLatin1 implemented
UseComputerNameInHELO implemented
ComputerName implemented
Base64 encoding also including @
Sauter novPro EPP import updated
Fidelix parsing updated, added Area field
Added Collectric Collibri
SMTP Close behaviour uses SendComplete(), view 'BLOCK' when demo mode is completed
SOS XML ReceiverType 0077 template updates (updated spec)
Shutdown as service in demo mode caused lockup
Telenor SMS Pro implemented
ISOtoDOS and ISOto7BitASCII for T940SI implemented
New Icon
SYSTEM_GENERICTCP,SYSTEM_GENERICRS232 changed to be conditional numeric or ASCII category compare

Nimbus Explorer updates:

Some level constants in Explorer changed
Auto width adjustment for profiles
Cerberus Algorex implemented
/Language: command line parameter implemented
Expanded box for filterconditions could cause profile mixup
Created public calls for classobjects to simple up ActiveX container
Updated profile classes to match ActiveX objects
Added INU-I30
Added Swegon Gold
Calender settings may cause error fixed
TreeView hidden at startup to improve update speed
JCI MSEA via SMTP added
Profile time axis failure when manually entering times fixup
Collibri Collectric implemented
CountryCodes/CountryFilter implemented
Loads Receivers and Profiles each time form is opened
MachineFolder for Regin implemented
Regin path updates
Moved /Cleanup parameter code and removed language link
Country parsing is made using the receiver types
More Regin registry key pointer updates
Specific Regin Texts in profiles
Check_RunAsService disabled for Windows Vista
New icon

Version 2.00.19, Oct 26, 2008


Nimbus Server updates:

New Icon

SYSTEM_GENERICTCP,SYSTEM_GENERICRS232 changed to be conditional numeric or ASCII category compare

IT42 receiver type implemented

MSEA import updated to parse High/Low warning and alarms etc

RemotePort for Other/TCP added, user could set Address:Port instead of changing RCV-file

ABB800xA implemented

Omron PLC implemented

Bravida Integra implemented

ReceiverName added to ComCall receiver

Rockwell FactoryTalkView SE (RSView) using Raw Printer added

Updated text infobox text for Rockwell

FactoryTalkView timestamp bug fixed

Demo mode completed left app in 'RUN' state

Multiple project path updates

Citect file import behaviour updated (could re-import same alarm)


Nimbus Explorer updates:


New icon

Moved text box for conditions (was not aligned to labels)

ABB800xA added

Omron PLC added

Bravida Integra added

Rockwell FactoryTalkView SE (RSView) using Raw Printer added

Multiple project behaviour updated

Fixup of bad text in calender


Version 2.00.20, Jan 27, 2009


Nimbus Server updates:


Diana Control Diana SMTP added

Thermia Online SMTP added

StartupBlockTime set to nothing caused crash fixup

IMSE Webmaster also accepts Alarm as first subject text

[Name], [Type], [Type$], [P1-P4] added to FormatMessage

OldAlarmFilter parameter added

Logfile cleanup procedure did not delete old logfiles

MAX_ILMMSCOMMOBJECTS added, increasing Nimbus RS-232 SCADA imports to 4


Nimbus Explorer updates:


DianaControl Diana SMTP added

Thermia Online SMTP added

INI-file error could cause program crash fixup

Receivers form resize problem fixed

Minor cleanup fix, Continous debug added

Receivers form resize problem fixed again


Version 2.00.21, Jun 2, 2009


Nimbus Server updates:


npOpen determination of status improved
TimeStampPrefix RS-232 bug fixed
Beijer E-panel updates (4-digit year instead of 2-digit in subject field)
UMS Voice XML support added, ConfirmAllPin left/right adjustment fixup, some iNet component fixups
RunAsCollectionClient added
PSWinCom XML/TCP added
removed from Generic XML (caused 'Illegal character')
npOpen DateFormat was not converted to int, some npOpen import updates
UMS Voice parallell sending implemented
"EHLO" Diana solutions problem fixup
FTP close for UMS implemented
Category specific Action Profiles for UMS
Updated for Trend 963 3.10 file import (16 bit charactes)
WEBfactory import added
Generic Mail Alarm/Larm subject scan is udated
WEBfactory behaviour updated

Nimbus Explorer updates:


Multiple project selection error 9 fixup
Beijer E900 -> E1101
Better error handling in receivertype setup
RunAsCollectionClient added
WEBfactory implemented


Version 2.00.22, Dec 21, 2009


Nimbus Server updates:


Updated sender parsing functions to allow INU Vision 3 (empty sender field)
ISO8859toISOLatin1 behaviour updated
Changed receiver file version to 4, updated receivers for enable/disable stuff in SendAlarmEvent sub
Updated Generic TCP appended receivername behaviour
New receivers added through Generic TCP are automatically enabled
Version info in SysLog added
SendROC implemented
StartupDelay etc not read as int failure (mismatch) fixup
Accepts also '_' in Generic Mail alarms

Nimbus Explorer updates:


Changed receiver file version to 4, updated receivers for enable/disable stuff
New icons for enabled/diabled receivers
New receivers are automatically enabled
New icons for profiles, updated to Nimbus2.DLL for Global view (teminal server session fixup)
Version info in SysLog added
Runtime error in profiles when profile is activated/deactivated fixup
IsReloadingProject added
TopMost command parameter implemented
TypeID in Caption for ReceiverType settings
TimeOut timer in login dialog fixups